Get ready for some fund with this 3-night bonus getaway!

Where Will You Go?

United States

Albuquerque, NM

Taxes/Fees: $99.69

Atlanta, GA

Taxes/Fees: $139.53

Atlantic City, NJ

Taxes/Fees: $126.23

Boston, MA

Taxes/Fees: $192.63

Branson, MO

Taxes/Fees: $121.65

Cape Cod, MA

Taxes/Fees: $146.70

Charleston, SC

Taxes/Fees: $142.83

Chicago, IL

Taxes/Fees: $144.48

Colorado Springs, CO

Taxes/Fees: $126.33

Daytona Beach, FL

Taxes/Fees: $142.26

Denver, CO

Taxes/Fees: $125.79

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Taxes/Fees: $163.77

Galveston, TX

Taxes/Fees: $144.48

Grand Canyon National Park Area, AZ

Taxes/Fees: $144.48

Gulf Shores, AL

Taxes/Fees: $162.21

Hot Springs, AR

Taxes/Fees: $136.14

Lake Tahoe, CA/NV

Taxes/Fees: $142.74

Las Vegas, NV

Taxes/Fees: $99.69

Miami, FL

Taxes/Fees: $197.64

Myrtle Beach, SC

Taxes/Fees: $164.28

Nashville, TN

Taxes/Fees: $142.74

New Orleans, LA

Taxes/Fees: $163.35

New York City, NY

Taxes/Fees: $194.40

Ocean City, MD

Taxes/Fees: $126.24

Orlando, FL

Taxes/Fees: $147.90

Palm Springs, CA

Taxes/Fees: $142.95

Phoenix, AZ

Taxes/Fees: $142.29

San Antonio, TX

Taxes/Fees: $141.45

San Diego, CA

Taxes/Fees: $197.13

Virginia Beach, VA

Taxes/Fees: $146.04



Taxes/Fees: $109.68


Taxes/Fees: $127.65


Taxes/Fees: $109.80


Taxes/Fees: $130.95

Niagara Falls

Taxes/Fees: $126.30


Taxes/Fees: $109.92

Quebec City

Taxes/Fees: $109.80


Taxes/Fees: $97.95


Taxes/Fees: $133.35


Taxes/Fees: $144.12


Taxes/Fees: $123.00


Taxes/Fees: $97.95


Step-1: Choose Your Destination

You can go to any of these locations and leave with memories that last forever in your mind, but which of them is going to leave the BEST memories for you?

Step-2: Check Your Email

You’ll receive an email after completing the form below. That email will provide instructions on how to pay the hotels/resort taxes and fees. You MUST complete this within 7 days. You’ll receive access to the certificate booking engine upon completion.

Step-3: Choose Where You Stay

The certificate booking engine will provide you with several hotels and/or resorts to choose from when you enter your dates. You have 18 months to complete your travel so try different dates to see what other properties are available.

Step-4: Share Your Memories

More important than where you go or where you stay is the memories you make with your friends and/or family members. That’s our favorite part and we want to hear all about it. Use the feedback form on the Member Dashboard or better yet, send a video to while you’re there!


Redeem Your 3-Night Getaway Certificate

    Property taxes & fees must be paid within 7 days of selecting a destination.

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